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The PA24500 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier is a highly efficient and compact unit designed to increase the performance And range of any wireless device in the 2.4GHz ISM band.Such device include Bluetooth,P2P, 802.11b  , 802.11g and 802.11n AP and wireless routers. In certain conditions the Amplifier is able to double the range of the wireless device.The PA24500 Amplifier extends signal range and can eliminate the use of an additional radio with Its associated data line , power outlet, signal interference , and setup headaches.The Amplifier is the fast and easy way to extend your signal range in any environment.

Model Number


TX & RX Gain

> 18 db

Frequency Band

2.4 – 2.5 GHz

MAX RX Input Power

<-30 dbm

Signal Type


MAX TX Input Power

<+15 dbm

TR Switch Time

< 1u sec

Diagnosis LED



≈300 g

TX :Red

Box Size
L * W * H

23*14.5*4 CM


RF Connector Type


DC Supply Voltage

6 V , 2A

TX Output Power

2000 mW/+33dbm

Operation Temperature

< 80


Perfect For…

Wireless Hotspot
Wireless Local Area Network
Bridge Link Between Networks


 One Signal Amplifie One RP-SAM to RP-TNC Connector WLAN802.11b g n
One 2.15dbi Antenna One 6V/2A DC Power Supply ISM Band Bluetooth

802.11 n MIMO Note:
802.11n support MIMO functionality.There will be multiple antennas. Must be installed amplifier on each antenna interface. The two antennas should install two amplifiers.3 antenna is necessary to install the three amplifiers.

Caution Danger
1.    Turn off the power before taking down or changing the antenna.
2.    Eliminate heat when working temperature is high.
3.    Not lightningproof,lightning protection equipment shall be attached to outdoor antenna.
4.    Not waterproof.
5.    Please comply with local regulations of electromagnetic radiation
6.    Although the electromagnetic radiation of impact on human health has not been conclusive.But please try to keep the greater distance.


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