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Introduction Technical Specifications
WIFIPA24504W10 ULTRA wireless signal amplifier,Has a superior signal amplification,Is a super player's weapon.Work at 2.4-2.5GHz frequency band,Including 802.11 b, g, n, wireless router, AP. LAN and Bluetooth devices.Using this product can enhance the signal coverage to more than double.Can effectively solve the wireless signal is weak and interference problems.More flexibility with high-gain antenna,Meet the requirements of different environments. Module Name WIFIPA24504W10   Connector Type RP-SMA
TX and RX Gain ≥20dB   Power adapter 6V 3A
Frequency range 2.4 - 2.5GHz   MAX Output Power 4W (+36dBm)
Perfect For MAX RX input Power -30dBm   RX Noise figure ≤2.5 dB
WLAN,Wlan Hotspot,Bridge Link MAX TX input Power 20dBm   Work temperature ≤80℃
Package Applications Signal Type DSSS   Ambient temperature +25℃
One Amplifier One Cable base WLAN802.11b g n Switching time ≤1uSEC   Indicator TX Red
One Antenna 6V3A DC Power adapter ISM Band Bluetooth       RX Orange

802.11 n MIMO Note:
802.11n support MIMO functionality.There will be multiple antennas. Must be installed amplifier on each antenna interface. The two antennas should install two amplifiers.3 antenna is necessary to install the three amplifiers.

Caution Danger
1.    Turn off the power before taking down or changing the antenna.
2.    Eliminate heat when working temperature is high.
3.    Not lightningproof,lightning protection equipment shall be attached to outdoor antenna.
4.    Not waterproof.
5.    Please comply with local regulations of electromagnetic radiation
6.    Although the electromagnetic radiation of impact on human health has not been conclusive.But please try to keep the greater distance.




Amplifier installation process


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